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Among all the highlighted topics, there is how to live a meaning life? Everyone has his or her own opinion. As the saying has it, the greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. I cannot agree any more.


If our life is just to pursue something for ourselves, we will surely feel fruitless and meaningless when we grow old. From Steve Jobss bibliography, we can get that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. Steve Jobs has brought a great many changes to our world. His life, although short, definitely outlast. Thats a life worth living.


Therefore, if there is a way to make my life meaningful, it should be to find something Im interested in and also helpful to others or the whole society. Only in this way can I keep my passion throughout my life until I finally fulfil my life.




When it comes to the topic of happiness, the opinions of people usually distinguish from each other, which gives rise to the heated discussion among the public concerning the way to achieve happiness. As the saying goes,Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them. I personally agree that the ability to cope with complications in. Life is the right path of pursuing happiness.


However, how could we deal with daily troubles or even struggles could generate serious concerns? From my perspective, to begin with individuals, optimism could perform an essential character. According to a survey conducted in certain institution in China, the percent of people with optimistic attitudes far outweighs the opposite in the aspects of overcoming dilemmas, thus having better opportunity to achieve the sense of happiness.


In addition, in terms of the society, certain institutions in China should launch relevant campaigns to strengthen the emphasis putting on the resolving of a problem, not the way trying to avoid it or even to neglect it. In spite of the fact that this may be a long run, these methods of coping with problems could definitely contribute to happiness in our consistent efforts.




Campus security and safety is a big issue and has become a focus in education, especially when tragic events happened time and time again on caroms. The recent stampede at a middle school in Hunan Province is still fresh in our memory. It took the lives of eight teenagers and injured 26 others.


The tragic events serve as a wake-up call. It warns that to safeguard the students, there is still much to be done. Schools across the country should take safety education seriously and conduct it compulsorily. Besides, they should revise their emergency preparedness plans and tighten security. For example, security guards should patrol on campus around teaching buildings and student dorms, and enforce strict entrance checks, barring entry to anyone carrying a gun or a knife.


As students, we should enhance our awareness of safety that is, being aware of safety issues a我是觉得这个方法很好,jiubu.net将学习英语来运用到其他科目上去,从中让孩子的各个学科都能够均衡发展、共同进步。nd of potential hazards in our daily life. For example, foresee the possible incidents and keep away from crowded places. Lock the dorm at night or whenever we are alone in the dorm. If possible, we should also have some first-aid training in order to help us survive emergency situations.




It is generally believed that a high diploma guarantees a promising future. Some people identify high diplomas with profound knowledge and exceptional competence. Companies also tend to emphasize the academic achievement of a job candidate. Like it or not, there does exist a social reality the higher diplomas one gets, the more popular he becomes。

On the contrary, other people claim that a high diploma doesnt automatically translate into knowledge. A diploma, in their eyes, is only the acknowledgment of ones educational experience rather than a guarantee of ones ability. Therefore, we can never measure the depth of ones knowledge by the grade of ones diploma. Besides, many knowledgeable people dont have a high diploma. Take Bill Gates for example. His dropping out of college cannot deny the fact that he is one of the如今孩子学习英语的年龄越来越早,cdtuozhan.com很多家长甚至在胎教期间就加上了英语 worlds most learned men。

So I must say no one should ever equate a diploma with knowledge, because a diploma is nothing but a proof of a short-term study while genuine knowledge needs ones lifelong devotion。




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