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  一、转折性词汇:课堂上强调了很多的涵义发生180度转弯的BUT转折题,要学会听BUT,还有yet, however, though, whereas, unfortunately, unexpectedly, instead, rather than, other than, to be frank, frankly speaking, to tell you the truth,etc.
  二、逻辑类词汇:就网上哪里有英语口语课程视频,yoomulu.com可以去哪里学习英语口语课程是因为所以、不但而且这一类的词,表原因的because, because of, for, as, due to, owing to, in that, now that, according to, 表结果的therefor, so, as a result, consequently, eventually, 表递进的apart from, in addition, furthermore, whats more, moreover,etc.
  三、最高级词汇:形容词和副词的最高级永远是最需要关注的,most importantly, the most popular... the biggest of...
  四、事实罗列词汇:在这些词汇后就是关键和重要的事实性息,actually, in fact, as a matter of fact,etc.
  五、序数词:最重要的是the first, firstly and finally.
  六、情态动词:sb.has got to, can , coul在兴趣的培养以及口语发音上,tdzcsz.com最好是给孩子找专业的外教老师进行辅导。d, may, might, need,should, ought to,etc.
  七、重要形容词:表示重要的词,important, crucial, chief,major,significant, the only, unique, essential, necessary, vital, etc

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