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Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Post-holiday Syndrome Among Students.You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.





Post-holiday Syndrome Among Students

With the gloomy prospect of returning to school, many students could suffer from post-holiday syndrome,which refers to a general feeling of depression before returning to campus life, which is caused by irregular lifestyles during the holiday.Symptoms include fatigue,lack of appetite and concentration,irritability and a feeling of helplessness.

Various reasons can account for it.But most important of all,a large number of students tend to overindulge themselves in eating,merrymaking and playing around during the holidays,which makes it difficult to adjust to their routine study schedule and life pace on the campus.

My suggestions to deal with this syndrome are as follows.First,exercising and sticking to a normal schedule over the holidays will make a difference and nip post-holiday syndrome in the bud.Besides,it pays to return a few days earlier before the semester starts.The early return seems to have kept the holiday blues at bay.



Directions: Write a composition entitled Ideals.You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:






Everyone has his ideals.A businessman wishes to make greater profit; a farmer expects good harvests;a student tries to learn more and better.

However,one should be sensible about whether his ideal is well founded or not.If it is,one has to plan and work hard for its realization.Effort,skill and persistence are all necessary.And very often,one has to get help from others,including advice and support in one form or another.

My ideal is to become a doctor.It is said that the field of medicine is a well-paid profession,but I take it as a lofty profession entrusted with saving peoples lives.To realize my ideal I have concentrated on laboratory work to develop the analytical skills necessary to become a qualified doctor.Im sure I will persevere in this pursuit.




2. 面对假日经济的热潮,人们态度各异

3. 在我看来


Holiday Economy

Holiday economy is not new to people all around the world. In China, it stands for the nationwide one-week holiday starting from October 1st (the National Day).The government established the week-long holiday back in 1999 to stimulate domestic spending.Tour operators, retailers, and wedding halls have been cashing in ever since.

However, there are shifting perspectives about holiday economy. Many people,including some economists,think positively about holiday economy.They believe that tourism-based holiday economy has increased consumption and helped to spur the domestic demands.While others,who worry about the negative effect of holiday economy,argue that holiday economy do more harm than good.For example,during the extended holiday, scenic spots are overloaded with tourists,and it not only spoils the relaxing mood of the tourists,but also overburdens the tourist attractions.

In my opinion, both sides are reasonable.We should take good advantages of the holiday to develop economy while trying to tackle the problems existed with practical measures.Only in this way can we not only enjoy the pleasure golden week endows us,but also promote the development of holiday economy soundly.



There is perhaps no other event in the natur al world that is as characteristic of a season as a full chor us of spring peepers . It is not only that the voices of living things are calling once more after the long silence of winter , there is something about the atmosphere in which the chorus takes place that epitomized the season . There is a certain moist of smell in the air on rainy spring nights , slow mists rise from rafts of ice fodilp.comloating on dark marshes , everywhere on roads through wetareas the small white forms of migr ating spring peepers and frogs in woods and ponds appear , and all round you the air will be filled with a high bell-like ringing , a lit tle like a distant horse-drawn sleigh . That distant chorus is the voice of the spring peeper , a small tree frog no larger than the end of a little finger . Throughout history natur alists have referred to it as the voice of spring .

In actuality you may be a long way from the pond or marsh where the peepers are calling , The voice of spring peepers can carry as much as a mile on still spring nights , and once you learn to recognize that song , there will be nights when it is difficult to escape their incessant calling . The sound will accompany you th rough spring , a sort of backg我来给分享下市面上比较有名dsqinye.com的在线少儿英语一对一排名round music to the events that will be taking place around you during the season

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